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Taste our delicious wines from Axarquía

Next to a beautiful coastline of beaches dotted with cliffs and secluded coves lie a series of mountains filled with vineyards which are shielded by the Tejada and Almijara Hills, white cottages and farmhouses where the sweet wine of Axarquía, which has brought fame to the region since Roman times, is still being produced. The par-excellence comarca when it comes to straw wines in the province of Malaga. A production process that stayed 100% artisanal through the centuries and in the face of technological advances. After getting dried in the paseros, the grapes are pressed and the must is stored in barrels.

On the steep, impassable slopes and porous slate soils, naturally sweet wines of the Moscatel variety are vinified. Never forgetting, of course, about the indigenous varieties such as the Romé Blanca and Romé Tinta. A poor soil that, paradoxically, produces a great quality grape. Out of this variety we get a sweet, pale wine, produced from fresh pressed grape and stored inside stainless steel containers where it is cold settled. The Moscatel resulting from this process maintains part of the initial sugars of the must, since the yeast is killed with neutral spirit, avoiding its complete fermentation.

There are four regions that play an important role in this industry: Cómpeta, Sayalonga, Moclinejo and Almarchar. With a very personal landscape in which old vineyards had a great importance within the Malagan economy during the mid-18th century, after the proliferation of the “Old Mountain” wine which is currently slowly recovering its importance, which was lost to raisins through the passage of time. But even though the whole region is famous for its exquisite wines, the truth is that there’s a place that stands out from the rest. We are referring to Cómpeta, a town dedicated to the production of these beverages since time immemorial and which each year holds a festival in its honour, the Noche del Vino (Night of the Wine). A true beacon among the long list of wines in Malaga.

But we cannot speak of wines from Malaga without mentioning the Sadella Vinos winery. A company founded in the year 2006, whose owner has managed to become an authentic “wine guru” within a short time. This is because Robert Parker, one of the most influencing figures on the subject of wine across the globe has recently awarded the Sadella wine 93 points out of 100, turning this red wine into the highest rated one in all of Andalucía. But he’s also rated Laderas de Sedella with 91 points, the second wine of this young winery. Their recipe for success? Producing a wine that is as natural as possible, with no cold fermentation and with natural yeast. At the time, this winery targets 50% of its production for exports, and its prices are affordable for everyone at 22 Euros per bottle.

Therefore, Malaga is a land of good wines, especially when we refer to the Axarquía region. This is why, if you are a true lover of these beverages, you cannot miss out on visiting the most prestigious wineries during your stay in La Viñuela Boutique Hotel.

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