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Spa Hotel La Vinuela Malaga

Enjoy a spa at a charming hotel in Malaga

Need to relax and escape your daily routine? Your vacations are coming up and you’re looking for a charming spa hotel in Malaga where you can get pampered and cared for as you deserve? Then we have the perfect place for you:  La Viñuela Boutique Hotel. An establishment located among privileged natural surroundings with views of Embalse de la Viñuela, close to Malaga, that can’t be compared to any hotel you may have visited so far. A new hotel concept where, besides staying for a few days for relaxation, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of wellness and aesthetics activities that will make you live unique sensations and experiences. And that’s because the surroundings, the facility and hotel services have been selected or designed from their inception to offer you the maximum level of wellbeing during your stay.

What better way to relax than to enjoy our magnificent spa? Cold, warm and hot water pools you’ll be able to swim about with absolute freedom as you desire, while enjoying the water jets that stimulate different parts of your body. You may also complement that with massages by our professionals that will make you feel new sensations and help you remove accumulated tensions from your body. A place conceived for relaxation, where you’ll be able to forget about stress and day to day concerns. And in that way, be able to relax your mind as well as your body.

Several studies have demonstrated that bathing at a spa maximizes the feeling of general wellbeing. The warm water and the soft massage prevent anxiety, relax muscle tenseness and stimulate the generation of endorphins. It is undoubtedly the best medicine against stress. Furthermore, insomnia or other sleep disorders may lead to mood swings, depression, memory loss, attention deficit and arterial pressure disorders. That’s why a good spa session can help you attain sleep and help you do so more soundly, achieving a quality sleep.

Water is a source of life and health. Even ancient societies knew about the therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy which is still in use nowadays to soothe muscle and bone aches, and cardiovascular problems, as well as other disorders such as mental exhaustion, anxiety or stress.

But at La Viñuela Boutique Hotel you will not be limited to enjoying the spa – you also have a wide range of body treatments so you can return home with renewed energy: muscle relaxation, circulatory, anti-stress, tired feet, peeling and pressure point treatments, chocolate body treatment, acupuncture, etc. If after relaxing you wish to look your best, you’ll also be able to enjoy our aesthetic treatments such as Japanese face lifting, facial cleansing, manicure, pedicure, collagen and C vitamin, and swing by our hair salon where our professional staff will take exceptional care of your hair. A true temple of luxury and wellness where the professional staff of our charming spa hotel will take care of you and pamper you as you deserve.

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