Hotels with Beauty Treatments

Hotels with Well-being Treatments in Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia, Spain. Our Hotel located in Malaga, Costa del Sol, offers you a wide range of Treatments for your Beauty that have been carefully designed by our prestigious therapist, who relies on his extensive experience in Nature therapy, Homeopathy, Homotoxicology, Acupunture, Osteopathy, Functional Nutrition and Ecology.

Because of this, our Hotel could be considered one of the Hotels with the most competitive therapeutic and nutritionist services that offers Beauty Body Treatments in Costa del Sol, Malaga, Axarquía, Andalucia, Spain.

Here you'll find a Hotel that offers Beauty Treatments with the most benefits for your Beauty.

If you're looking for a Charming Hotel in Malaga, Costa del Sol Axarquía, Andalucia, Spain where you can achieve a high level of Beauty and take care of your Health through any of our Beauty Treatment programs, don't hesitate to contact us.
Hotels with Beauty Treatments in la Costa del Sol
Beauty Combinations
A) "SILK" 50,00 E
- Facial Massage
- Cranial Massage
- Visual Relax

B) "Caribe" 58,00 E
- Bamboo- Sugar Peeling
- Back Massage with Hot Oil
- Harmony Points.

C) "Avocado" 65,00 E
- Facial Wrapper with Natural Avocado
- Facial Massage
- Visual Relax

D) "Biznaga" Localized 75,00 E
General: 117,00 E
- Wine Bath
- Grapes Peeling
- Grapes Massage.
- Harmony points.

E) "Tropical" Localized: 75,00 E
General: 117,00 E
- Fruits Bath
- Seeds Peeling
- Massage with Hot Avocado Oil
- Visual Relax

F) "Delight" Localized: 75,00 E
General: 134,00 E
- Cacao Peeling
- Chocolate Wrapper
- Chocolate Massage
- Visual Relax

G) "Reaffirmant" 83,00 E
- Peeling
- Mud Wrapper with Essences
- Localized Massage
- Herbs Bath

H) "Weight Reducing" 83,00 E
- Peeling
- Mud Wrapper with seaweeds
- Localised Massage
- Seaweeds Bath

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