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Signature Cuisine Restaurants in Andalucia, Costa del Sol. This is how we define the gastronomy of the cuisine at LA VIÑUELA HOTEL. The Viñuela Restaurant is the prime example of the hotel's Signature cuisine and one of the prime examples of Signature Cuisine in Axarquía, Malaga, Costa del Sol and Andalucia, Spain. Our philosophy was born based on the entrepreneurial project of the establishment's property management combined with the professional dream of our chef José Manuel Ramos: to have a restaurant with personality, aspiring to become one of the prime examples of Signature Cuisine in Spain, Andalucia, Costa del Sol, through its own merit.

A cuisine with distinct character, based on 3 fundamental concepts: to take advantage of the highest quality seasonal products; to rescue and cultivate the rich, traditional culinary culture of Axarquía, Malaga and Andalucia; and to grow with the technical input of a team of professionals who are passionate about their cuisine.

The culinary combination worthy of an expert gourmet is made reality due to the mix of inherited, traditional cuisine, with aged flavors and earthy products, cooked with able hands on a slow-fire range. We mustn't forget to mention the creativity, technique and revolutionary experience of a modern and unique signature cuisine that attracts the best of traditional cuisine and takes it to the most extraordinary levels of flavor.

This traditional and signature cuisine of Malaga is found in various dining rooms, deliciously decorated and next to La Viñuela Reservoir's natural beauty. Enjoy signature cuisine in Malaga, Andalucia, Spain, with a menu worthy of even the most demanding tastes.
Restaurants with Signature Cuisine in Andalucía. Restaurant of Hotel La Viñuela

Our Cuisine
The philosophy of our cuisine, from the kitchen of Chef José Manuel Ramos and his team, is based on the use of traditional and modern products, however, always keeping in mind that quality is the best ingredient. Without a doubt, we make a constant effort at achieving presentations that blend colorfulness and harmony, in an extravagance of culinary innovation.

Each and every time a client sits down at one of our tables, they are presented with a incomparable culinary experience that begins the moment in which they see the menu. The originality of its content gives way to the quality of a delicious and diverse offering.

The wide variety of our traditional Andalucian dishes and new-wave cuisine are worthy of special recommendation. Many of these dishes were created in our own laboratory of innovation and culinary development, while others simply have evolved from original recipes.


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