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Hotels with Restaurants in Andalucia, Malaga and Costa del Sol, Spain. LA VIÑUELA HOTEL's Restaurant is also available to clients who are not staying as guests at the Hotel.

It is one of the most prestigious Hotels with Restaurants in Axarquía, Malaga and Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Spain due to its thematic cuisine, quality of service, its ideal facilities and picturesque environment.

We would like to highlight the dedication with which we try to conserve and innovate the gastronomy of Malaga, Andalucia and Axarquía. With one look at our Menu, you'll see that there are numerous dishes that pay homage to this type of cuisine.

You'll find dishes prepared with products from the rich vegetable gardens of the interior of Axarquía combined with cheeses produced by local goats in Malaga, and you'll also have the pleasure of enjoying dishes made with fish from the nearby La Caleta de Vélez Fishing Port or savor desserts that represent the essence of our land.

If you're looking for a local menu, we would like to make the following suggestions:

- Sardine Loins with ratatouille of La Axarquía with Pumpkin and Morcilla of Canillas
- Timbal of gratinised Goats Cheese on a bed of Roasted Peppers and Onion Confit

- Andalucian "Gazpacho" cold Soup with Iberian Ham strips and Olive Oil Ice Cream garnish
- Malagenian style Gazpachuelo warm Soup with Hard Boiled Egg,
Prawns and Angler Fish

- Kebab of Angler fish and Prawns with a Cream and Chesse Sauce
- Lamb glazed with "Caña" Honey served with Fruit and Nut Cous Cous
- Turf and Surf, Chicken served with Prawn Kebab in a Crab Creamy Sauce

- After Dinner Selection from Alcaucin: Roman Pastries and Coffee with Chantilly
- Homemade Algarrobo cake served with Mousse made with Los Romanes Oil, Competa Wine Jelly and Orange Sorbet

Surprise yourself from a culinary perspective in one of the most outstanding Hotels with Restaurants in Malaga and Costa del Sol.
Hotels with Restaurant in Málaga, Costa del Sol, Axarquía

Our Menu


- Andalusian Gazpacho with Olive Oil Ice Cream and Iberian Ham
- Almond and Garlic Soup with Moscatel Grape Sorbet
- Creamy Goat’s Paté with Pedro Ximenez Grape Reduction ant Fig Bread
- Goat’s Cheese Timbale with Grilled Vegetables from la Axarquía and Hojiblanca Hummus
- Avocado with Herring Roes, Pickled Anchovies on a Bed of Raf Tomatoe Carpaccio and Verdial Oil
- Malaga Prawns and Monkfish Soup with Verdial Oil and Malaga Fine Wine
- Crunchy Raviolis with Artichokes, Ham, Anemones and Manzanilla
Green Garlic Mayonnaise
- Platter of Pure Sheep Cheese
- Selection of Iberian Meats and Cheese
- Platter of Iberian Ham


- Melon Cream with a Touch of Coconut and Ham Ice Cream
- Smoked Strips, Sun Dried Tomatoes and Blue Cheese Salad with Herbs in a Sunflower Tulip
- Lukewarm Salad with Grilled Octopus and Tender Potato
- Spanish Style Scrambled Eggs mixed with Baby Beans and Ham
- Smoked Duck Magret and Asparagus with Cabrales Cheese and Tomato Quince Mini-salad
- Iberian Pork Carpaccio Marinated with Lime and Pistacchio and Foie Dressing


- Grilled Vegetables and Mushrooms with Soy Sauce
- Salad with Tofu, a Touch of Soy and Dried Fruits
- Fresh Pasta with Ricotta, Spinach and Cream and Pine Nuts Sauce
- Chestnuts and 5 Mushrooms Risotto with Mascarpone Touch
- Small Vegetables Lassagna with King Prawns, Ecological Ratatouille and Soy White Sauce


- Glazed Salmon Supreme with Four Cheeses and Pumpkin Seeds
- Grilled Sea Bass, Small Squid Noddles with Almonds and Red Basil Dressing
- Hooked Hakes with Clams and Green Sauce
- Cod Loin with Garlic and Gulas on a Bed of Spinach and Ecological Tomato Tagliatelle
- Roasted Monkfish with Saffron Sauce and King Prawns


- Sea and Mountain Chicken in two Cookings with King Prawns and Vegetables Cous Cous and Goji Berry
- Glazed Lamb with Cinannon and Orange Sauce with Sweet Potatoes in Sweet Wine
- Lamb and Foie Hamburger with Antequera Bread, Green Tomato Jam and Purple Potatoes Chips
- Duck Confit with Rosemary Honey Sauce
- Iberian Sirloin with Mild Thyme Sauce and Lukewarm Ratatouille Gazpacho
- Émincé of Beef Fillet with Cabrales Cheese Cream and Wheat Cerealia with Pine Nuts
- Glazed and Sweeten Ox Cheek with Ribera del Duero Wine
- Grilled Veal Entrecôte or Sirloin from Valle de Los Pedroches with 5 Tasting Salts and Mustards


- Pastry Stack Layered with Cream and Cinnamon Syrup
- Cheesecake with Red Fruits Sorbet
- Walnuts Brownie with Hot Chocolate and Vanille Ice Cream
- Passion Fruit Accompanied with Layers of Yogurt and White Chocolate
- Mojito Sorbet
- Fresh Pineapple Carpaccio with Tropical Fruits Sorbet
- Lemon Dessert with Green Tea Sponge Cake, Italian Meringue and Cinnamon Ice Cream
- Our New Tiramisu with Chocolate Sponge Cake, Coffee Cream and Baileys Ice Cream

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