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LA VIÑUELA HOTEL would like to emphasize its commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism, with the objective of becoming one of the pioneer Hotels in the development of responsible and sustainable tourism practices in Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia, Spain.

Located in the heart of the Axarquía region, we maintain traditional, cultural, culinary, and environmental values, ideal for those who are looking for something more than just a Hotel to relax on their vacation in Andalucia, Spain. Most importantly, a Hotel should offer experiences to enrich your vacation within the establishment's facilities or in the surrounding environment according to responsible and sustainable tourism practices.

If you're looking for Hotels that offer responsible and sustainable tourism in Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia, Spain, at LA VIÑUELA HOTEL you'll find a company concerned with this increasingly important aspect of the tourism sector in the Western World.
Hotel La Viñuela. Responsible Tourism Hotels in Andalucía, Costa del Sol
Development participation
The Management of LA VIÑUELA HOTEL carries out diverse actions of social implication in accordance with its Quality policy and commitment:

On a local level, we collaborate with local citizens of the municipality of La Viñuela and other surrounding areas in the development of their festivals and other promotional activities. In conjunction with the City Council, we finance a Dinner Event for the municipality's elderly residents every December.

On a regional level, we collaborate actively with private and public entities and associations for the development and promotion of the Axarquía region. We are active permanent members of the Axarquía Tourism Promotional Association (APTA) and the Axarquía Center for Rural Development (CEDER). In both cases, we are included among their Boards of Directors.

On a provincial level, we have been in the County Government Council as the Costa del Sol Hotel Entrepreneurs Association (AEHCOS) Vice-president for Axarquía, as well as historical member of the Quality Commission of this same Association, member of the Interior Malaga Tourism Association (Turima) and on the Costa del Sol Tourism Management Board.

On a national level, we are members of the Hotel Technology Institute (ITH) and other business entities through our participation in the AEHCOS Hotel Management Board.

We mustn't forget that such an active participation in associations requires the dedication of many hours of work and company resources; the intention of the company's Board of Administration speaks for itself and its extensive and coherent Quality project.

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