Hotels with Gastronomic Awards.

LA VIÑUELA HOTEL is one of the Hotels with the greatest number of awards received in the past few years in Costa del Sol, Malaga, Axarquía, Andalucia, Spain, the majority of which are culinary awards.

Of the Award-winning Hotels in Costa del Sol, Malaga, our Hotel's culinary work stands out as our most award-winning service.

Nevertheless, it is also noteworthy that among the Award-winning Hotels in Malaga and Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Spain, the awards come from both the business and public sectors.

Receiving recognition and culinary awards, or being awarded in other aspects, makes our non-stop work towards company improvement worthwhile and certifies that our business is moving in a positive direction.

The higher prestige that these awards bring within the sector gives us reason to be proud of being one of the most highly-recognized and awarded Hotels within the last 3 years in Costa del Sol, Malaga, Axarquía, Andalucia, Spain.
Hotel La Viñuela. Hotels with gastronomic awards in Andalucía and la Costa del Sol
Prestige within the Sector
Our work in the professional arena these past few years has been recognized by many sectors within the business and political circles of the province of Malaga with the awarding of various recognitions in different aspects of the company's activity, of which we would like to highlight the following:

2005: José Meliá Sinisterra First Prize. Awarded by the Gastronomic Academy of Malaga, Business Bureau of Malaga, Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Malaga (CEM) and the Association of Hotel Entrepreneurs of Costa del Sol (AEHCOS).

In its first edition, this award, bearing the name of the founder of the Meliá hotel chain, is given to Hotels in the province of Malaga for their Quality in Cuisine and Dining Services.

2006: Best Rural Hotel of the Province of Malaga. Awarded by the Association of Rural Tourism of Malaga (Turima), which relies on a prestigious judging panel composed of various authorities of public and business activity in the province of Malaga.

2007: Declared a Unique Establishment in the province of Malaga. Awarded by the County High Council of Malaga. This recognition is perhaps our most proud achievement, since it situates us among the most significant people, history, nature, villages and traditions of Malaga as seen to the rest of the world.


1.- Public Congratulations for its work in favor of Malaga's gastronomy in the VIII Mediterranean Culture Awards ceremony. Awarded by MCAPITAL, a company in Malaga that relies on representatives of the province's main businesses in its Advisory Board.
2.- Best tourist product of the decade in the province of Malaga. Awarded by the monthly newspaper "Malaga Rural" in the celebration of its 100th issue.

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