Quality Golf and Tourism in Axarquía

In Axarquía, you'll find the most beautiful villages in Malaga. Discover its traditions, customs, history, the delicious gastronomy and the incomparable environment of its landscapes and nature.

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enjoy the Tourism and Golf in la Axarquía. Hotels closet o Golf courses
Welcome to Axarquía

Located in the most eastern part of the province of Malaga, it's the most highly concentrated area of Malaga in terms of the number of municipalities. It's a territory with an incredible potential for fascinating tourist resources, where visitors can find great natural spaces in the mountains, hillsides, cliffs, etc. as well as enjoying the local gastronomy and a magnificent cultural and artistic heritage.

Its villages form picturesque places that have been conserved over time in a destination of light and color, its beautiful streets and public squares, its monuments and popular festivals and its environmental and climatic characteristics, invite you to visit. Furthermore, the land in Axarquía offers a diverse landscape like no other: mountains, valleys and coasts.

In the mountains, Axarquía is a labyrinth of olive trees, almond trees and vines; but mostly of villages, workers' villages and homes that fill the landscape with life. A life cultivated in crops sunken into narrow valleys, climbing cliffs and sun-drenched grape drying patches.

In the valleys, Axarquía is a fertile plain of fruits and vegetables that penetrate the interior, with the Vélez River up high, lemon and orange trees along the Benamargosa and Guaro and through the small valleys that reach the base of the mountain ranges.

Along the coastline, the mountain ranges look out over the sea, over Mudejar and Mediterranean villages, some recessed into the hillsides, others hidden in isolated valleys, with the mountains behind and the Mediterranean in the distance on the horizon; it is also a spring water coast, which quenches the thirst of its people, drains from the streams and waters the terraces.

Axarquía is a landscape of cliffs and coves, ox harnesses and watchtowers, beaches and vegetable gardens, tradition and tourism, all along the coastline.
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