Tourist Routes in la Axarquía

The best routes concerning the towns of la Axarquía. Rural tourism concerning the towns of Málaga.

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Tourist Routes in la Axarquía. Tourist Routes in Málaga, in Andalucía

In this section we propose that our client gets to know Axarquía in five different routes. Proclaimed routes of Tourist Interest in Andalucia, they will lead you to experience the richness of this region and its 31 municipalities.

Mudejar Route

In the interior of Axarquía, between the cliffs of the Sierra Tejeda, Alhama and Almijara Natural Park, you’ll find a series of picturesque villages that still conserve their Muslim legacy. These villages, indifferent to time, are perhaps the most intimate and authentic of the region.

Sun and Avocado Route

We will visit part of the sea shore coastline in Axarquía, which offers a very rich and varied natural environment. Due to its climate and location, it’s common to find abundant crops of avocados and tropical fruits, such as mango, papaya and custard apple.

Sun and Wine Route

This route combines the best of the coast and the interior, bringing together tourist excitement and rural peace. Its close proximity to the beach is one of the main qualities of the Sun and Wine Route, forming a duality that manifests itself in all of its cultural sources.

Olive Oil and Mountain Route

This route passes through the Mountain Ranges of Tejeda, Alhama, Enmedio and Jobo, offering a unique mountainous landscape, where the green of the olive trees and pastures predominates. It contains villages whose main production is olive oil of the "verdial" variety, one of the best in the world because of its healthy properties, with a special, different flavor.

Raisin Route

The landscape of this route, located in the center of Axarquía, is dominated by vineyards and raisin drying fields. The weather and geographic conditions of the region make it an excellent place to cultivate the authentic raisin of Malaga, such as in the production of the famous sweet wine "moscatel”.

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