Rutas de turismo por la Axarquía

Sun and Wine Tourist Route of la Axarquía, in Andalucía
Sun and Wine
Sun and Wine Route

Near the coastal beauty of the beaches with their impressive cliffs and coves where the hillocks give way to vineyards, white farmhouses and work houses where sweet wine is produced, famous since the Roman empire.

This route combines the best of the coast and the interior, bringing together tourist excitement and rural peace. Its close proximity to the beach highlights the qualities of the Sun and Wine Route, forming a duality that is manifest in all of its cultural sources. Along the coast and up to the border of the province of Granada, in the most eastern part of Axarquía, you'll find the municipalities of Algarrobo, Sayalonga, Cómpeta, Canillas de Albaida, Torrox, Nerja and Frigiliana.

Despite the course of time and technological advances, the process of wine production is still a work of craftsmanship: after the grapes are dried in the sun in drying patches called "paseros", they are pressed and the unfermented grape juice is stored in large barrels. Wine production, although characteristic of all of Axarquía and especially of this route, is most famous in the town of Cómpeta. This village dedicates the famous "Wine Night" to these rich broths. Another star product along this route is the medlar; each year Sayalonga dedicates a festival to this precious product, which is served in various forms, as a liquor, jam and natural. Both festivals are categorized as being of National Tourist interest.

Torrox and Algarrobo offer both the interior and the coast, extensions of long, stretching beaches prepared and equipped for tourists. In Nerja, the famous "Paleolithic Cathedral" caves are worthy of mention, which offer a spectacle and a dream-like picturesque environment at the Maro Cliffs, a natural spot.

Ingenuity is evident in Frigiliana, where they produce sugar cane honey, unique cemeteries, restaurants and refreshment stands with skewers, traces of the Romans and hiking trails through important mountain ranges. This diverse route offers a wide representation of Axarquía for our comtemplation.

. Algarrobo
. Sayalonga
. Cómpeta
. Canillas de Albaida
. Torrox
. Nerja
. Frigiliana

Of interest:
. Visit the unique Round Cemetery and the Moorish Museum in Sayalonga.
. Come to one of the oldest festivals in Axarquía, "Wine Night", which is celebrated the 15th August of in Cómpeta.
. Enjoy nature at "the Factory", recreational area of Canillas de Albaida.
. Admire the antique craftsmanship in Frigiliana.
. Take a walk at sunset along the seashore boardwalks in Torrox and Algarrobo and enjoy its long beaches.
. Enjoy the most famous dish of Torrox, "migas" (stuffing) in your own private party, the Sunday before Christmas. And we can't pass up the famous cakes of Algarrobo.
. Marvel at the formations in the Nerja Cave. You shouldn't miss the international festival that is celebrated here in July.

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