Rutas de turismo por la Axarquía

Tourist Route: Raisins  in la Axarquía, in Andalucía
Raisin Route

Legends of bandits, splendid views and small, charming villages where they still produce what is considered to be the best raisin in the world since the times of the Arabic reign.

The municipalities of Totalán, Comares, Cútar, El Borge, Almáchar, and Moclinejo constitute the 62 kilometers of this route in which the special weather conditions allow the vineyards to flourish, the fruits of which later become prized raisins. This ancient craft is carried out, thanks to the sun, by drying the raisins in characteristic drying patches called "paseros", always oriented towards the south, covering the hillocks and uneven terrain of Axarquía's landscape. The careful craftsmanship in the production of this fruit is noteworthy, as is the creation of festivals to celebrate this prized product, such as the Ajoblanco Festival in Almáchar, the Winemaker's Festival in Moclinejo or the Raisin in El Borge.

The famous, highly-acclaimed sweet-flavored "moscatel" wine is hand-produced from these same raisins. This wine has a characteristic perfume (floral), which is a property of this variety of grape due to certain essential oils found near the seed casing, which differentiates it from other sweet wines.

Within folklore, the "Verdiales" of Comares must be mentioned, which differ from the other two styles of similar traditional music/dance groups in Spain (Montes y Almogía) because of its faster rhythm. The Verdiales of Comares showcase a reputable quality in each of their performances and are a point of reference for the Axarquía region. There are festivals that take us back to another time, such as the Monfí (Moorish Bandit) Festival in Cútar where Andalusian culture is the protagonist, and the audience is invited to participate by wearing costumes appropriate for the timeperiod. Another must is a taste of the delicious Chanfaina stew in Totalán.

The unique orography that these villages offer used to serve as a hide-away for bandits, such as "The cross-eyed man from Borge", one of the most feared outlaws. Just as the bandits once did, visitors are urged to let themselves be taken away by the picturesque villages of Arabic origin that make up this route, always with a provision of raisins in hand.

. Totalán
. Comares
. Cútar
. El Borge
. Almáchar
. Moclinejo

Of interest:
. Visit the different museums: the Raisin Museum in Almáchar, the Bandit Museum in El Borge and the Wine Museum in Moclinejo.
. Admire the marvelous panoramic views that you can contemplate Comares, the balcony of Axarquía.
. Discover each of the villages, one by one, where we will find delicious gastronomy and fantasy accommodations, all prepared for visitors.
. In Cútar enjoy the Monfí Festival, which takes us to a municipality transformed into an Andalusian marketplace.
. In Totalán, we would like to highlight the Chanfaina Stew Festival, which is celebrated in November, and the Horse Festival in May.

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