Rutas de turismo por la Axarquía

Mudéjar Tourist Route in la Axarquía, in Andalucía.
Mudejar Route

Axarquía's Arabic roots are evident in its five small interior villages, decorated with minarets, arches and other details that give this route a magic enchantment.

The travelers that traverse this 40 Km. route will find five small villages that still conserve the most outstanding examples of Mudejar architecture in the region. Arenas, árchez, Salares, Sedella and Canillas de Aceituno are villages with authentic Mudejar layouts that give its visitors the feeling of having crossed the boundary of time.

The Christian conquest of Axarquía didn't occur until 1487. The term "Mudejar", which comes from the word "mudayya", is used to define the Hispanic-Muslims that, after the Christian conquest, remained under the reign of the new Castilian state, conserving its religion, language and legal organization.

Some Mudejar characteristics are the use of brick, glazed ceramics and plasterwork as finishing and for exterior ornamentation. The construction materials used were of poorer quality but very useful, since they allowed for the rapid construction of buildings in a cheap and efficient manner. But the Muslim influence in Mudejar art is not only evident in the ornamentation, but also in the architectural structures, such as in the bell towers and wooden roof frameworks and structures that cover the church ceilings.

The villages that make up this route are found in the foothills of the Sierra Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama Natural Park, offering you direct contact with nature that will accompany us throughout the entire route.

. Arenas
. árchez
. Salares
. Sedella
. Canillas de Aceituno

Of interest:
. Relive the history of the ruins of Castillo Bentomiz de Arenas and Torre Alminar de árchez.
. Admire the magnificent views of the village of Salares from its well-conserved Roman Bridge.
. Visit Sedella for the important annual holiday dedicated to Yew trees.
. Enjoy the rich gastronomy of Canillas de Aceituno in its traditional Canillera Blood Sausage Festival in April.
. Admire the Sierra Tejeda and Almijara Natural Park, where the geology, fauna and landscape of great interest. Despite their close proximity to the coast, these peaks are covered with snow in wintertime.

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