Rutas de turismo por la Axarquía

Olive Oil Tourist Route in la Axarquía, in Andalucía
Olive Oil
Olive Oil and Mountain Route

Spectacular changes in the landscape, a lake surrounded by mountains and beautiful hillside villages hanging over the Mediterranean.

Among the exuberant beauty of the mountain ranges that crown Axarquía, the villages of Riogordo, Colmenar, Alfarnate, Alfarnatejo, Periana, Alcaucín and Viñuela constitute a route with a lot of personality, offering a unique mountain landscape, where the green of the olive trees and pastures predominates, easily accessible from Malaga by the A-45 Highway, or from Axarquía, by way of the A-356 Highway.

The remains of large grindstones and enormous earthenware jars that are found in this area provide evidence of the antiquity of olive oil production, the main protagonist of traditional, rich and healthy Mediterranean cuisine. The olive trees of the "verdial" and "hojiblanca" varieties are the base of the best olive oils in the world, produced in traditional oil presses, where the oil is made in a totally natural process. This oil is characterized by its fruity, very sweet, pleasant flavor.

In order to enjoy all the culture associated with this liquid gold, this route offers multiple possibilities: we can visit the Periana Olive Oil Museum in Mondrón, admire the antique windmill of Pulgarín Bajo Farmhouse in Alfarnatejo or come see the olive harvest, which begins in December.

The gastronomy is one of the strong points of this route. In addition to olive oil, you can taste cured sausages and meat products made right in Colmenar; the famous peaches and goat cheese in Periana; Roman bread in Alcaucín or escargot and oil pastries in Riogordo or gazpacho in Alfarnatejo.

But the route of olive oil and mountains is not only interesting because of its gastronomy: La Viñuela Reservoir is increasingly developing activities with an appreciation for rural and active tourism, as it is one of the most highly demanded areas for rural environment and nature enthusiasts.

Archeological ruins, legends of bandits, popular traditions and a profound calm and tranquility complete the romantic environment of this route.

. Riogordo
. Colmenar
. Alfarnate
. Alfarnatejo
. Periana
. Alcaucín
. La Viñuela

Of interest:
. Perform a wide variety of activities in the environment of La Viñuela Reservoir, such as active tourism (canoing, hiking, biking, horse-riding) and enjoy the good life thanks to its restaurants and rural accommodations in a unique environment, where LA VIñUELA HOTEL and the rural houses of Huétor stand out.
. In Alcaucín, before or after climbing La Maroma, enjoy nature in the recreational area of Alcázar.
. Visit the Vilo Baths in Periana and the famous festivals dedicated to olive oil and peaches.
. Go back in time through the Ethnographic Museum in Riogordo and visiting the traditional Passage.
. Visit the old country inn of Alfarnate that conserves centuries of the history of bandits inside its walls, and offers the rich gastronomy of Axarquía.
. Visit an oil press, Olive oil factory.
. Taste the hand-made cured sausages and meat products in Colmenar, preferably in the culinary festival of Grape Juice and Cured Meats, in December.

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