Hotels in la Axarquía, Málaga

Hotel / Charming Hotels and special places in Vélez-Malaga, Torre del Mar, Nerja, Axarquía, Andalucia, Spain. LA VIñUELA HOTEL is strategically located in the heart of Axarquía. You can get to any other destination in Axarquía in just a few minutes. Very near important Hotel areas such as the town of Vélez-Malaga, Torre del Mar, Nerja, Andalucia, Spain.

Our Hotel is located only 10 minutes from the capital of the region, Vélez-Malaga, where you won't find other Charming Hotels and special places such as ours. From our Hotel, as a logistical base for any type of business in Vélez-Malaga, you'll enjoy the advantages of having everything nearby, within a natural background and with unbeatable infrastructure that you won't find at other Hotels in Vélez-Malaga, Andalucia, Spain.

The Hotels in Torre del Mar will offer you the Sun and the Beach, typical "pescaito" (little fish) gastronomy, a long seashore boardwalk and even invite you to discover inner Axarquía since it is so close and complementary. Our Hotel offers you the same, but in the opposite sense of the Hotels in Torre del Mar. Our Hotel clients want it all, but prioritize their desire to get away from the crowds, in a calm, natural environment, even during peak vacation season, without having to give up swimming in the ocean, eating "pescaito", going to the cinema, etc., and none of the Hotels in Torre del Mar can offer you all this, due to the actual nature of the urban area.

LA VIñUELA HOTEL is located only twenty-five minutes from Nerja, an excellent tourist destination in the region of Axarquía, Andalucia, Spain. The many Hotels in Nerja offer their beautiful coves, an international environment, its typical center with the famous Balcony of Europe, the spectacular Nerja Caves, etc. The only difficulties that you may find at the Hotels in Nerja, for those who wish to leave with a complete vision of the Axarquía region, is that their location in the far-eastern side of the region makes it necessary to travel farther in order to reach other destinations, and for those who are searching for nature and tranquility, it's best to avoid the logical overcrowding of such highly sought-after Hotels as the Hotels in Nerja during peak vacation season, due to the prestige they've gained throughout the years.
Hotel La Viñuela. One of the most important  Hotels of La Axarquía, Torre del Mar or Nerja
If you prefer to discover our environment on your own, you'll find what options the Axarquía region offers in this section.

Axarquía region, where you'll find values and peculiarities of a tourist destination that is hard to find altogether in other regions.

The closeness of the seashore, with its beaches and advanced tourist infrastructure, and the inner part of the region, which conserves the traditional values in its villages, people and nature, offer a unique richness since you'll find the extensive diversity of contrasting gastronomy, landscapes, lifestyles, social activity, etc. only a few kilometers away.

If you wish to enrich your and your family's vacation with Nature, Culture, Leisure, Beaches, Gastronomy and much more, you've found the ideal tourist destination in the Axarquía region.
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